Getting to Christchurch

Getting to Christchurch is easy, with direct flights from most major Australian cities. Travel from Europe or the American Continents would use Auckland International Airport as a transiting stop requiring a domestic flight to Christchurch.

Flight time from East Coast Australian cities is approximately 4-5 hours.

London to Auckland flight time is 24 hours with an additional 2 hour domestic flight to Christchurch. Los Angeles is a 13 hour flight from Auckland with a 2 hour domestic flight to Christchurch.

Christchurch International Airport is only 5km or 15 minutes from central city accommodation.

Ensure your passport, and visas if necessary, are up to date. You will pass through customs with no holdup if your riding gear has been thoroughly cleaned since your last ride.

Adventure Trailrides has been operating from Christchurch for twelve years with easy access to off road motorcycle and quad bike riding in the South Island of New Zealand. The international airport at Christchurch makes it easy for you to come riding with us.

Flights to Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand’s own airline has flights to Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Australians own airline has direct flights from major Australian cities to Christchurch plus Trans Pacific flights from North America.

Jetstar a subsidiary of Qantas also have direct flights from Australia to Christchurch.

Virgin Australia an independent budget airline offer cheap airfares between Australia and Christchurch.

Emirates, a first class airline have connecting flights to Christchurch from their hub Dubai.
www.emirates.comAir Lan the South American carrier has direct flights to Auckland requiring a domestic transfer To Christchurch.

Air Canada has flights from Vancouver with a stop over at Auckland requiring a domestic transfer To Christchurch.

United operates flights from the USA West Coast Cities to Auckland requiring a domestic transfer To Christchurch.