Dual Sport
Multi-day dirt bike road and off road tours New Zealand

Dual Sport Road & Dirt Bike Adventures

Featuring 3 scenic motorcycle tours of back roads and trails in the South Island of New Zealand

Ten Day South Island Motorcycle Safari

The ultimate New Zealand dual sport adventure ride motorcycle tour. 9 Days riding over high country trails, backcountry gravel roads and a day driving…

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Ten Day South Island Safari!

Motorcycle Safari New Zealand

5 Day High Country Trails

5 Days of adventure riding on a dual sport off road motorcycle traveling from Christchurch to Queenstown. Riding backcountry gravel roads and high country trails…

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5 Day High Country Trails!

High Country Hills - Road and trail motorcycle trip

3 Day Alpine Springs

Traveling the long way round Canterbury, using the back roads and visiting the most popular holiday places on a dual sport adventure ride motorcycle tour.…

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3 Day Alpine Springs!

3 day Alpine Springs - Dual road and dirt bike adventure New Zealand