Dual Sport
Multi-day dirt bike road and off road tours New Zealand

Dual Sport Road & Dirt Bike Adventures

3 scenic motorcycle tours of back roads and trails South Island, New Zealand

Ten Day South Island Motorcycle Safari

The ultimate New Zealand dual sport adventure ride motorcycle tour. 9 Days riding over high country trails, backcountry gravel roads and a day driving…

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Ten Day South Island Safari!

Motorcycle Safari New Zealand

5 Day High Country Trails

5 Days of adventure riding on a dual sport off road motorcycle traveling from Christchurch to Queenstown. Riding backcountry gravel roads and high country trails…

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5 Day High Country Trails!

High Country Hills - Road and trail motorcycle trip

3 Day Alpine Springs

Traveling the long way round Canterbury, using the back roads and visiting the most popular holiday places on a dual sport adventure ride motorcycle tour.…

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3 Day Alpine Springs!

3 day Alpine Springs - Dual road and dirt bike adventure New Zealand